Friendly & Productive Networking In Your Area

Join in your local Growth Community group and benefit from great conversations, support, and a genuine feeling of community.

You’ll love our enjoyable, yet productive business networking format, so come along and experience a friendly meeting today.

two women talking to each other at a Growth Community meeting

Real Community Business Networking

Our members are putting ‘community’ back into business networking.

Perhaps you’ve tried networking before and not had much success? Or maybe you are hesitant to come to your first meeting?

We guarantee, that from your first visit, you will see the benefits of real community networking – not just new faces but genuine follow-ups and meaningful connections who want to help you grow your business.

Our meeting format is simple; Enjoy getting to know some new people, learn from other businesses and arrange some proactive follow up conversations. 

Find Your Meeting

The Growth Community has active fortnightly meetings across the UK, mostly in person and a few online ones too. There are plenty of groups to choose from and you can visit up to SIX times per calendar year as our guest. 

How Do I Join The Growth Community?

The best results from business networking come when you get properly involved and start working together with other growth minded people.

Joining our community is easy and flexible. Simply fill in the contact form and we’ll be in touch right away with your joining options. There is no contract to tie you in. You simply pay an affordable monthly membership and you’re all set. 

You can find out more in our FAQ.





What Happens At Growth Community Meetings?

Our meetings are relaxed, friendly and fun – but they have purpose. We squeeze the most out of every session to ensure you connect with some people, learn something and, most importantly, come away with some onward conversations booked in. This is business networking at its finest!

Guests are always telling us how much they enjoy our meeting agenda.

Open Networking

Grab yourself a drink, and introduce yourself. If you're online, you will be put into a breakout room with a couple of other people. In person, say 'hi' to the people around you. No need to feel shy-everyone is really friendly.

One Minute Pitches

Everyone takes turns to do a 1 minute pitch. This is your opportunity to introduce yourself and tell everyone how you help your customers. Don't forget to make a note of who you fancy a chat with.


A member goes into more detail about their business, how they help their customers and often share tips from their industry that you can apply to your own business.


This is where we say who we want to follow up with. We also take time to say thank you and give testimonials to people who have helped us. And share any business passed.

Learning Point

One of our members closes the meeting with a 3-5 minute presentation about something you can take away and apply to your business (or life in general!)


Stay around and chat, or book in your follow up meetings. Some of members also often grab some lunch or set up 121s for after the meeting.

Start Turning Your Networking Time Into Valuable Relationships..

“I love seeing our members create genuine friendships and get fantastic business growth through #WorkingTogether.”
Nicky Thomas Growth Community Founder

Nicky Thomas

Start Turning Your Networking Time Into Valuable Referrals..

“I love seeing our members create genuine friendships and get fantastic business growth through supporting each other.”

Nicky Thomas,
The Growth Community Founder

A picture of a the founder, Nicky