Band Aid 1984 – A great piece of networking?

Back in the 1980s, the Christmas hit single, Do They Know It’s Christmas, was a brilliant example of teamwork. But the whole thing would have been dead in the water if Bob, Midge and Bob’s then wife, Paula Yates, hadn’t pulled off one hell of a piece of networking to turn those beer mat ideas into reality.

How to network your way to #1

Picture the scene…Bob and Midge decide to do something meaningful for the famine effort.

So, they think about who they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST and get on the phone.

They start by having some 121s with their most trusted contacts, over a coffee (or a beer!) and asking those friends to introduce them to other people who could help achieve their goal – not just performers – but photographers, the media, graphic designers and anyone else who could be useful to the project. Each part of the chain starts to introduce their trusted contacts and now Bob and Midge know and like more people who understand their cause and want to help them achieve it..

The pair can now make history; filling a studio fit to bursting with the biggest names in the pop industry, creating tonnes of awareness and ensuring their record raises millions and saves lives.

It might sound daft comparing Band Aid to business networking, but it really isn’t.

Networking is the art of building an ever expanding team of like minded people around you. People who know and like you. People who, through time and energy, will become your trusted contacts and advocates. These people are there for YOU, regardless of what business you turn your hand to – as long as you continue to nurture those relationships.

So, when Bob and Midge needed help with something that wasn’t related to The Boom Town Rats or Ultravox, it didn’t matter. They had built the relationships already. So, it was just a matter of giving those contacts a new brief and they were off.

Your network is the key to adapting and pivoting…

When things got tricky for me, earlier this year, I pulled off my own mini version of Band Aid, calling upon my own amazing network to help me build The Growth Community.

I started with my most trusted contacts. They challenged my thinking, helped me focus my ideas, got me set up with essential business services and gave me the confidence to bring it together. They then helped spread the message to other like-minded people. Now at the end of an incredibly unpredictable and challenging year there are 70 people (and growing) who understand my vision and are busy supporting me, and each other, to build successful, sustainable businesses.

What are you doing to build your own Band Aid in 2021?

Merry Christmas to all of our contacts. Let’s look forward to a New Year full of opportunities and success.

Nicky Thomas
Nicky Thomas is a business connector, referral marketing expert and founder of The Growth Community. She loves nothing more than to see people connect and build a new relationship and/or open up new opportunities for each other. Want to try out our very relaxed, yet incredibly purposeful meetings?

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Ready to join us for a meeting?

You’re just a click away from some productive new conversations. See you there!